Travel Log 09.08.2016 #Perth

I Felt:😊          Weather:🌦7-14°C           Traveled:🚗

-Hot Day-


Mocha + Marshmallow.


First, breakfast at Tuck Shop.

Then, went shopping at Perth City. Again. 😝


Visiting Friend. Bright day. Found out that employees in Australia are entitled to 12 months of maternity leave.

Also, went grocery shopping at Woolworth & BigW.


Dinner at Ben Tre, Morley. Yes, i’m having TomYum at a Vietnamese Restaurant.

Ending the day visiting Crown Perth.

Not sure if the weather report is incorrect or the heat tech shirt is trying to kill me.

It’s a hot day and I’m dehydrated. Coloured sport drink (err… forgot the name) saved me.

x Val

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