Baggage Damage Travel Insurance Claim ☌ Guide 行李损坏旅行保险索赔@指南

Have you ever purchase travel insurance? If you did, do you know that you can claim for compensation if you found damages or dents on your baggage? 您有购买过旅行保险吗?如果您有,哪当您发现行李有损坏时,您有没有索取该有的赔偿呢?

Documents you need 您需要的文件:

  1. Flight itinerary 航班行程
  2. Certificate of insurance 保险证书
  3. Boarding pass 登机牌
  4. Baggage damage / property irregularity report 行李损坏报
  5. Damaged baggage photo 损坏的行李照片
  6. Luggage receipt** 行李购买收据

What you need to do 您需要做的:

  1. Do not throw away your boarding pass ⌊ 别把登机卡丢了
  2. Check your luggage as soon as you claim it ⌊ 立刻检查您的行李
  3. Go to the Lost & Found counter at the Baggage Claim Area (Before customs inspection) to get the Damage Report ⌊ 到失物招领柜台 (海关检查之前)领取您的行李损坏报告
  4. Email your flight itinerary, boarding pass, certificate of insurance, damage report and luggage purchase receipt** (if any) to your insurance agent or submit it through the insurance online platform ⌊ 将您的航班行程,登机牌,保险证书,行李损坏报告和行李购买收据**(如果有)发送至您的保险代理商或通过保险公司在线平台提交

**Tips 提示:

  1. Depending on your policy, submit your luggage receipt as insurance company will probably just pay half of the insured limit if there are no receipt provided ⌊ 根据您的保险单,最好提交您的行李收据,因为如果没收据保险公司很有可能只支付一半的保险上限
  2. Baggage damage safeguard is just one of the benefits of travel insurance, make sure you know your rights ⌊行李受损保障只是旅游保险的其中一项保障,请确保知道您的权利喔
  3. Tune protect online claim platform:  LINK 

Example of damage report by AirAsia ⌊亚航损坏报告例子

Example of damage report by Malaysia Airline ⌊马航损坏报告例子

Example of claim approval by Tune Protect ⌊赔偿例子


Example of claim approval by insurance company ⌊赔偿例子

 Before i noticed that it is my right to claim for my lost I’ve never submit a claim. It’s actually not hard to get it done. Thus, I hope this post can help in increasing your awareness on your rights.


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