Clay Cafe Restaurant

< Bak Kut Teh Fizz / RM 13.9; Americano / RM 7.9 >

< Classic Claypot Rice / RM 12.9 >

< Mr. Chow’s Braised Pork Claypot Rice / RM 16.9 >

< The Big Four Taufoofa / RM 10.9 >

Hi, finally back after a long break.

Just visited this newly open cafe in Penang & thought i would post a review on it.

± Serve Asian / HK? food i.e. claypot rice, noodles & toast. Some creative drinks like bak kut teh fizz.

+ Clean, bright and simple decor. Serve dessert, we like the taufoofa.

− For me i would say that the food is of average. My claypot rice was slightly undercook (a bit hard at the rice tip) it would be better if they would wait an extra 5 min i guess. However, hubby claypot rice was fine. About their drinks, maybe you would appreciate the creativity (referring to the bak but teh fizz) but it doesn’t suit my taste. Coffee lover hubby also does not fancy the americano. With drinks prices as the benchmark, i would say that their pricing are more towards the pricey side thus this lead to another downside that is the space allocation. The table (except the couple/ 2 pax area) is arranged too close together (as the couple area were full thus they split the table for 4 into 2 making it closer to each other than usual), bit more of personal space would be appreciated. Not to mention there are people taking off their shoes sitting at the high bar table. It’s not the cafe fault though.

Might be a harsh critic in this review huh? It’s my honest opinion though.

What do you think of this newly opened cafe?

x Val


 No 1-1-6, Summerskye Square, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang 

(p/s: click on the address to link it to your google map)

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