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cycle food station entrance

cycle food station bar

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cycle food station room

caesar salad

< Caesar Salad / RM 6.90 >

popcorn chicken

< Popcorn Chicken / RM 6.90 >

CSF grilled salmon spaghetti

< Grilled Salmon Spaghetti / RM 18.90 >

Battered mushroom chicken chop

< Battered Mushroom Chicken Chop / RM 16.90 >

< Freshwater Prawn Aglio Olio / RM 18.90 >

classic fish and chip

< Classic Fish & Chips / RM 15.90 >

cheesy pork ramen

< Cheesy Pork Ramen / RM 12.90 >

Grilled BBQ steak

< Grilled BBQ Steak / RM 18.90 >

grilled black pepper chicken

< Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop / RM 15.90 >

honey lemon

< Hot Honey Lemon / RM 4.90 >

matcha latte

< Hot Matcha Latte / RM 7.90 >

Just visited this newly open cafe in Penang.

 + Serving wide variety of food including Asian food, Western food and their cheesy signature. Affordable price range. Food tasted better than average, I wouldn’t say that it tasted excellent but it’s good. Fast serving and good customer service.

− High percentage of wrong order. First visit ordered their Battered Mushroom Chicken Chop which stated mashed potato as side dish but served with potato wedges (p/s: their potato wedges does taste nice though). Second visit ordered Grilled Black Pepper Steak but served with Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop (p/s: they served us another serving of Grilled Black Pepper Steak without charges). Another downside will be their drinks.

± Small-moderate portion of serving. (I guess that’ll depend on your appetite to judge if the serving portion is of your preference.)

x Val


 No 2-G-12&13, Solaria Square, Medan Rajawali, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang 

(p/s: click on the address to link it to your google map)

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