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After my 3rd Getaway to Perth, here i jotted down the desserts that give us butterflies every time they landed on our taste bud.

These desserts that impressed us the first time we ate it still exceeded our expectation the next time we have it.

1. Ciao Italia’s Tiramisu

Every time we are here, we stuffed ourselves with their nice food (haven’t tasted any order that’s below par). For every single time,  my mind told me that i can’t managed to stuff anymore food nor desserts in my mouth & i don’t really care if i have their tiramisu as i am damn full and i don’t really remember how good they taste. Fortunately, there’s always someone in the group insisted that they want to have their tiramisu. So, every time we are here we ordered their tiramisu.

Magically, for every single time, after the first bite my OS goes: Damn! it’s really nice.

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Only 1 word for this: Yummy!

Honestly, if you have the chance you must get yourself the honey cake from HoneyCake. There are two different flavours – original & chocolate. They also have honey cake ice cream.

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3. The Cheese Barrel’s Caramel Cheese Cake

Our new discovery. Probably due to their expertise in cheese, their caramel cheesecake is so delicious. Can’t help but ordered another pieces on the spot. Not sure if they are permanently on their menu as i don’t see it on their online menu, hopefully it is coz we will need to get that the next time we are there.

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Ready for some desserts?

x Val

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