DIY Balcony Wind and Sun Shields

It all started when i fall in love with plants.

Our fiddle-leaf fig got sunburnt and we are not sure if our fragile succulents are able to withstand the heat.

At first, i just hang a sheer fabric on the balcony rail (and clip it with paper clips) as a shield to block off some heat and direct sun but it was such an eyesore.

Then, i saw this IKEA DYNING Balcony privacy screen on their website and there born this Ikea inspired wind and sun shields.

< IKEA DYNING Balcony privacy screen; photo taken from Ikea website >

Did some modifications to the original design so that we can roll up the sheer neatly when days are dim.

As it is for outdoor, i didn’t pay much attention to the details.

As long as it looks neat and the fabric does not fray it is fine for me.

1.  Measure the height and wide of the desire area. Cut the fabric and sew the edge.

2. Sew buttonholes along the upper part of the fabric so we can tie the fabric on the balcony rail with elastic band.

3. Sew a few straps to secure the lower part of the sheer to the balcony rails.

4. As you can see, i’m lazy to measure out the exact location where the strap should be thus i hold the strap in place with safety pin after setting up the sheer.

5. Sew a few straps with buttonhole on the outer part of the fabric  and sew some button on the inner part of the fabric so that the sheer can be secure in place when they are rolled up.

I love this DIY. It’s easy to make and it turn out well.

What do you think?

x Val

(p/s: I do own a sewing machine so i didn’t sew it by hands)

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