DIY Gold Wire Mesh Memo Board

Good morning!

This is a pinterest/instagram inspired DIY.

Does this even counted as DIY? 😅

I guess it’s DIY because i spray painted it? Well, we can actually DIY the wire mesh… but why wasted the time when we can get them ready made and cheap. Right?

If you like your wire mesh memo board in colours like silver chrome, white or black then it’s already done! But, i’m obsess with  gold and i really want my wire mesh memo board in gold.


  • wire net/mesh
  • paper clips (optional)
  • spray paint (i’m using gold colour, just choose your favourite colour 😉)
  • lacquer spray
  • alcohol swab
  • face mask
  • gloves (make sure your glove is lint-free, disposable glove does well)
  • cable tie (optional; if the wire mesh you bought is not big enough and you want to join two or more together)
  • old newspaper to protect the work surface

Mask the work surface. Put on the face mask & glove.

Clean the wire mesh and clips with alcohol swab then spray paint everything.

Finally, spray paint with lacquer as protective coat.

Tips: Chrome wire mesh is more suitable to be spray painted than polyethylene coated ones, i’ve tried both & Don’t use the type of glove shows in the video, the lints will easily sticks on the wet wire mesh (it’s annoying 😰).

< I’ve painted the paper clips and clothespin metal spring too. >

< Tied two wire mesh together with painted cable tie. >


Here’s how my gold wire mesh memo board looks like.

I would like to hang it on the wall. But we rented this place and I’m a good tenant. No nails on the wall, TQ.

It can also serve as jewellery/ accessories holder.

♦ Cost of this project & where to get the material ?

RM 20 – 25

  • Wire mesh assorted size per pc. RM 5.30 (Daiso)
  • Gold spray paint RM 5.90 – 7.90 (Mr DIY)
  • Lacquer spray RM 8.30 (Mr DIY)

I hope you enjoy this post. Will you get yourself a wire mesh memo board?

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x Val

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