DIY Halloween Magnetic Bookmark

Good morning! Good morning!

Halloween is just around the corner and i found these 2 rolls of Halloween theme masking tapes.

So… Let’s make a Halloween theme magnetic bookmark!

This is how the bookmark looks…


  • heavy weight paper
  • ruler
  • exacto knife / penknife
  • cutting matt
  • glue / glue tape
  • magnetic tape (I got mine from Daiso)
  • Halloween theme masking tape (I got mine from Daiso)

* You can use any masking tape if you’re not so into Halloween but let’s get festive.

First, measure how broad is the masking tape. *It should be stated in the packaging too.

Then, mark and cut out a strip of paper with the exact width as the masking tape. *I didn’t mark my paper as I’m following the guide on the cutting matt.

Fold the paper in half.

The magnetic tape. Very suitable for this DIY as they have weak magnetic field. Bad adhesive though.

Add some glue / glue tape to help the magnetic tape to secure better on the paper.

Adhere the magnetic tape to both side of the paper.

The inner part of the bookmark should looks like this. The magnetic tapes will hold/magnetise together.

Mask the whole strip with the masking tape.

Mask. Mask. Mask. Trim the paper if you need to.

That’s it! It’s that easy. The Halloween magnetic bookmark is done! You can give it a finishing touch by rounded the square corners with a corner punch.

Hope you like this DIY.

Enjoy your weekend.

x Val

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