DIY Mannequin Pincushion Choker

Hello, good morning!

First, why I have the idea to do this DIY?

  1. Choker is in trend.
  2. Well, maybe I’m superstitious but I don’t feeling good jabbing a human form thing (aka mannequin/dress form) with needles (when i’m not doing any project of course, why buy a mannequin then 😂).
  3. It may as well served as home decor. That’s also why i chose a burgundy colour – it’s autumn (although we don’t really experienced the weather transition here in Malaysia 😜)

anigifMy mannequin before this DIY.

dscf0669_fotorMy mannequin. NOW.


  • fabric
  • scissors
  • elastic band
  • polyester fiberfill
  • sewing needle/sewing machine & threads


First i traced out the size & shape of the pincushion.


I wanted it to be in ‘mantou’ shape – flat on the bottom, round on top.


Cut out the desire length of elastic band.


 Cut out stripes from the burgundy fabric. Using a chiffon due to it’s lightweight.


Rolled hem the side of the stripe to prevent them from fraying.


With the help of a book, rolled the stripe and then secure it with the same fabric at the middle.


Opened up the stripe and it’ll become flower-like. Then, attached the fabric flower to the pincushion before stuffed the pincushion.


Stuffed the pincushion.


Sealed the opening by sewing.


Wear it on the mannequin and adjusted the fabric flower to become more 3D.


 Transfer the pins to the pincushion. The fabric flower will mask them.

I love this DIY. I think it’s pretty & functional.

Hope you like this week sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

x Val

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