DIY Personalized Table Decor

Good morning! Let’s DIY a simple home decor …


What i’m using:-

A thick frame (shadow box), stickers, card paper, craft knife, glue, cutting mat, artificial flowers, pencil, ruler


The frame was meant to be bought as a Decor itself, glued and nailed.

But, “Laundry ∇∇∇ Gathers Here” is not in my favor. Thus, needed some makeover. 😉

First, i force open the back panel.

Then, trace the back panel on the card paper and cut it out.

And, the fun part begins. Decorate.

Finally, push the panel back into the frame and i seal it with transparent masking tape.


New decor on my vanity table.


Hope you like it.

x Val

♦ Cost of this project ?

~ RM 25

♣ Where to get the material ?

MrDIY, Daiso, any local craft store nearby


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