DIY Simple Planner

Hi all, is this time of the year again where we need to get a new planner! Have you ever feels that the template of the planner out there didn’t suit your need? Or, it does but it’s way too expensive?

Well, i do have a planner in my wish list – the happy planner by  me & my Big ideas I really feels that i wanna get one, things are getting busier and crazier, and hopefully planner helps to keep me going as planned. It’s ideal for everyday life… in my opinion.

However, i don’t really feels like to use such a expensive planner for my work. What i mean here is our clock-in clock-out work. And, i prefer a weekly planner for work because there are really lots of things to jot. Thus, i make myself a budget planner with the template i customised to fit for my work. And, i would like to show you how i made it….

First, print out the template.

Planner Template

Then, used two paper clips and clipped them all together (I used thick coloured card paper as the cover), neat & tidy (i used my side table to help hold the stack of paper). Glued the corner (opposite where you wanna flip) together.

DIY Planner glue

Let it dry… (i just leave them like this until the next day).

The next day, i taped the glued corner with the poker dot masking tape (another tips on how to finish off your masking tape 😉 ) and topped it with lace detailed sellotape.

DIY Planner Tape

And, i laminated the cover with sellotape to make it waterproof. HAH!

* I found that using a paper clip to smooth out the sellotape is so much easier. Less air bubble trapped.

DIY Planner Tape (paper clip)

And, Tadaa!

DIY Planner Front CoverThe front cover

DIY Planner Back CoverThe back cover

DIY Planner ContentThe content

The glue i used: ♣ available at Diaso

Glue from Daiso

If you like the template (from January 2016-December 2016), i uploaded it here →  Weekly-Planner .

I hope you like it.

x Val

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