Endless Bowls of Pasta


< Linguine Alfredo with Salmon? Chicken? >


< Linguine Alfredo with Salmon >


< Spaghetti Bolognese with Eggplant >


< Angel Hair Basil Pesto Chicken >


< Fettuccine Marinara with Mushrooms & Cream >


December date with bestie.

We went to Italiannies for their Endless Bowls of Pasta / RM 29.90 (include GST & 10% service charge). Guess what? Another disappointment after our last visit years ago (a very salty risotto).

The first plate of pasta that they served us? Linguine Alfredo with Salmon Chicken. Ermm… Apparently they are not salmon, they are chicken. Complained to the waitress and get our salmon back 😬. Well, the pasta is okay. Although we were both starving due to the massive traffic jam, for me the pasta is just okay.

How about their service? I won’t rate it bad as they are not rude. However, they are slow. Even though there were not much customers, it takes quite some time seeking for their attention, every time we need them.

I won’t leave you a link this time because i won’t recommend it to you. I hope you won’t take this post as negativity. It’s just a review. The two of us still managed to finish 7 bowls of pasta that night. Just want to let you know that there are plenty of choices out there. Stay positive and enjoy your weekend. 😊

x Val

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