Idea: Expiry Management

Did you use your skin care and cosmetic beyond the expiry date?

Did your product shows the expiry date? Where to look for the expiry date of the product? How did you manage your product?

Now, let’s have a look on how we can know about the expiry of the product….


EXP:20171125 (underline in purple) shows that the product expiry date is 25th November 2017

However, the product will be expired after 12 months of opening (circle in pink)

So, now we know the expiry. But, how we keep track and manage our product?

Here’s how i manage them…

Masking Tape

< masking tape >

Whenever i opened a product, i will labeled the opening date.

Expiry Label 1Expiry Label 2Expiry Label 3Expiry Label 4Expiry Label 5

 As you can see… I labeled everything…haha.


Opened on 23rd October 2015, expired 12 months after opening.

Thus, Safe to be use before 23rd October 2016.

Did you manage your skin care and cosmetics? How?

x Val

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