Jay Chou The Invincible

This post is so late. Sorry for that. It’s a busy week.

23 March 2016: We decided to go to Jay Chou concert.

We are not die-hard fans but we grow-up listening to his songs. And now, we make him the reason for all of us to gather together. A Full Reunion.

Lucky us. One of us have the Great Eastern Live Great Card and we can have priority online booking.

6 April 2016: We are too late to get PS2 numbered seating but we got ourselves PS3 seating. Good enough for us.


6 August 2016. Finally 6 of us (one in KL, two from Penang, two from Singapore, one from Australia) reunited again after 6 years. A friend from Indonesia is joining us too. Happy day!

We stayed at Amigo Hotel. It’s in one of the alley of Petaling Street. If you are a girl and you are going there alone at some point, I wouldn’t recommend to stay here because there are 18sx shop nearby. We never know that when we booked the hotel. We only looks at review and photos 😂. And, it’s very near to Stadium Merdeka (walking distance).

So, we checked-in, have some rest, took lots of photos. Then, we went for dinner before we headed to the stadium.

We were so steady, we just followed the crowd and we reached the wrong entrance 😅. I vaguely remember that we should went to Gate 4? But, we went to Gate 1 and Gate 3, then noticed we actually need to take the LRT to Gate 4.

Phew… at last.


The organiser doesn’t allow us to bring our water and there were no instruction/guidance to lead us to our section. At last, we sat on the stairs. Social media showed that we are not the only one complaining about it.

We sweat like nobody’s business. Sweaty & oily 😒.


After the concert, we went back to the hotel have some pillow talk, eating Australia’s apple strudel, Rita’s yummy macaron and some wine. The next day, we are on our separate way again.

Pardon my long-winded story. I need to remember this day, it’s very important to me.

Now, please find the footage of Jay Chou’s The Invincible concert below.

x Val

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