LAQA & CO. Polish Remover Pads

I’ve mentioned about this in my  3 things favourites  post. How good it is? I’ll show you… in the video.

This is the best nail polish remover i had ever used. It removes nail polish effortlessly.

Plus, it didn’t dry out the nails like normal nail polish remover do.

Ahh….. I love it!

Video is 2x faster. It takes 3-4 minutes to remove the nail polish.

There are some traces of nail polish left but that’s forgivable as only ONE pad is used for 10 nails.

Nail polish i used in the video:

NAILSINC SuperFood Base Coat, NAILSINC Victoria Nailkale & NAILSINC 45 Sec Caviar Topcoat.

(Completely dry)

This video is not sponsored. Thank you so much for watching.

x Val


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