Let’s Talk: Pokemon Go

It’s a hit and it gone viral in 2016.

IMG_5815_Fotor(Photo shared by friend.)

Many loves it; some don’t. Some says it makes you walk out of your house and interact with people. Some says it makes people so obsess that they risk their life for it.

And.. When there’s a game there’s hacks. Then people argue. What’s the point playing a game with hacks? Some fight back. What’s the point going around the globe but just looking at your phone.


Did I downloaded the game and play? Yes

Is Pokemon cute ? Yes

Is Pokemon Go addictive? Yes

Did i tried the hacks? Yes. The GPS one.

Am I still playing it? No.

Did I deleted the game? No.

Did I deleted the hack? Yes.

So, My opinion is… It’s just a game.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad. You like it? play it. You don’t? drop it.

It’s your life. You are the judge for if it worth to be a part in your life. No one else.

If you wonder why everyone is becoming a pokemon trainer 👉🏻 download & play it

If you just don’t get it 👉🏻 don’t mind it

If you feel that you are happy playing it 👉🏻 go for it

If you think it wasted your time 👉🏻 drop it

If you think it helps you to exercise more 👉🏻 go for it

If you think you can’t do anything else but playing it 👉🏻 drop it

If you think it helps you to interact more with people 👉🏻 go for it

If you risk you job for p
laying it 👉🏻 drop it (unless you don’t want your job anymore)

If you think it benefits you by letting you know that some places exist 👉🏻 go for it

If you feel that you are too obsessed and you crossed the road playing it 👉🏻 drop it

(If you judged that Pokemon Go is more important than your life. Please think wisely. There are lots more in life than a game.)

The last thing to share is… Why am I not deleting the game when i’m not playing it anymore.

Well, I did enjoy the game but i got no time for it. I might still play it during holidays.

Why did I deleted the hack? err.. the hack makes me more obsess to the game than ever because there’s too many pokemon to catch 😅.

Ohh… I forgot to tell you another reason i didn’t delete the game.

There are so many discounts/offers out there just for pokemon trainers.

IMG_5756_Fotor(photo taken from the internet.)

Are you still playing your pokemon go? or you are now sitting in front of your PC/TV waiting to support our National Team in Rio 2016?

Go Go our badminton team 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!

x Val

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