Merrige 美人计 Review

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Merrige is a traditional Chinese medicine health multi-functional body underwear.


Model in Merrige 1.0 0086

In this post, i would like to share about my experience with Merrige.

During the early period wearing Merrige, I’ve been releasing a lot of gas (a.k.a. farting 😆). I’ve been always having bloating and indigestion problems, especially when i’m very tired the problem become serious and needed to take antacid to relieve. And recently (after wearing Merrige), I’ve noticed i don’t have this bloating problems anymore. My body will release the gas before i feel the tension and pain on my stomach/gastric. Probably due to the germanium fabric used in Merrige that help to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Another benefit that I’ve experienced is that I’m now not having menstrual pain. Menstrual pain every month is my nightmare. The worst on during my high school period where i thought i won’t be able to attend my exam as i was clenching my teeth, cold sweating and curling myself on the bed crying in pain. I’ve been taking paracetamol every month during my menses so that i can go to work without any problem. Not meaning to disgust anyone, frankly i’ve been having residue/discharge during the first month wearing Merrige. Now surprisingly, in my last menses i felt nothing, ease and comfortable.  The effect of the Anion Volcanic stone that helps in detoxification and warming the uterus/womb.

Last but not least, I now have less back pain due to the design/construction of the suit that helps to support and correct back posture.

Few friends of mine have also been experiencing the effect of gas release, less backache, and having better sleep after wearing Merrige.

A lot of people asking me, you are thin why are you wearing body shaper? Well, I am thin but still i wish to have S shape body and more importantly, maintaining it. Besides, it also offer lots more than shaping i.e. the health benefits that it brings.  Furthermore, to frost the age one need to do it when she’s at her best. Right? 😊.

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x Val

p/s: Please be aware when you purchase. There are a lot of counterfeit products that imitates and claimed to be Merrige. Original Merrige 1.0 are selling at RM 360 per piece / RM 800 per set (3 pieces) fixed price. As the company is very strict in price control anyone selling cheaper than the price might be selling a counterfeit.

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