Moody Cow Cafe





< Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti / RM 26.00 >


< Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara / RM 26.00 >


< I can’t remember if it’s Tropical Storm or Banana C/ RM 13.00 >




The staff told us that the popular cakes are those with cempedak (e.g. cempedak, cempedak madness), durians (e.g. durian madness, musang king) & and salted egg yolks (e.g. xxx moon)… And, we opt for Beijing Moon.


< Beijing Moon/ RM 24.00 >

My hairstylist has been telling me how good their cheesecake is. And finally, we are here to taste. The environment is pretty cozy but I won’t recommend you to pick the seat that we’ve picked, with the two teddy’s on the table as that’s where the stairs lead to. When people come down the stairs, well, you’ll get interrupted. We haven’t eaten anything on that day so we decided to have our main dish there as well. The food (spaghetti) are okay (that means not very good not very bad😅)… but the drink (the smoothies) are not smooth at all, it taste bad the juice are full of dregs. However, their selling point is their cheese cake. I’ll have to say that their cakes does have WOW factor. They are creative and not stingy on their ingredients (i guess that explains on the prices). We just ordered a slice as we just finished our main course. I’m so eager to go back and try the cempedak cheesecake.

I would recommend you to have an afternoon tea there, cheesecakes and coffee….Hmm, satisfying.

p/s: pardon me for the poor quality photos, I forgot to bring my camera 😅 and my phone camera don’t work well in low light condition.

x Val


 170, Jalan Transfer, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang. 

(p/s: click on the address to link it to your google map)

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