Nails Inc Health Kick Kit

Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day! Here’s some swatches of nail polishes from Nailsinc’s Health Kick Kit.

NailsInc Health Kick Kit Cover

NailsInc Health Kick Kit

KnightsBridge Mews

< Knightsbridge Mews ⁄ 5ml >

Windsor Mews

< Windsor Mews ⁄ 5ml >


< Victoria ⁄ 5ml >

Windsor Top Knightbridge Mews

< Windsor Mews topped with Knightsbridge Mews >

Victoria Top Knightsbridge Mews

< Victoria topped with Knightsbridge Mews >

Also included in this kit, a base coat and a top coat.


< Superfood Base Coat ⁄ 14ml vs 45 Sec Caviar Topcoat ⁄ 5ml >

I’m not a pedi-mani person due to my profession constraint, thus not very experience in nail polish. However, In my opinion I’ll have to say that the formula are great as i manage to apply them without any difficulty and they dry pretty fast after applied. My favourite shade is Victoria. How about you?

What nail polish you wear for Christmas?

x Val

♣ Where to purchase? Available at Sephora

♦ Price? Post Christmas Sale at Sephora for RM 78.00 (normal price: RM 140.00)

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