Overnight at KLIA2 ☌ Guide

This happened during my 2016 Perth trip.

My return flight from Perth to KL arrived at 10.20 p.m. and the latest flight to Penang is 10.00 p.m.

So, I ended up spending a night in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2).

I’ve booked my flight in advance and i’m aware that i’ll have to spend a night there.

I’m alone. Thus, i would like to just spend the night within KLIA2 for convenient and safety.

There are a few choices available:-

1. Plaza Premium Lounge Gateway, KLIA2

 (photo taken from

If you wonder whether your credit card that grant you complimentary passes to plaza premium lounge allow you to stay in their napping room? I’ve contacted them, and… Nope, room usage are not included in the complimentary passes.

(p/s: email them if you would like to reconfirm whether your card are entitle for the room usage.)

and the rate?

If you are interested to have a nap here, I would recommended to email them to reconfirm and book in advance.

Info confirmation or more information please visit:  or email them at

2. Sama-Sama Express KLIA2

(photo taken from

the rate?

6 hours super single room / RM 180 (not included gst)

6 hours family room (up to 4 pax) / RM 400 (not included gst).

If you are traveling with your family and you would like to have a short rest, i would recommend this hotel because they provide larger space and the family room pricing are comparable to others.

Info confirmation or more information please visit: 

 3. Capsule by Container Hotel

the rate?

Male, Female or Mix (1 pax) : 6 hrs / RM 80 (included gst); 9 hrs / RM 100 (included gst) ; 12 hrs / RM 110 (included gst)

Mix Plus (2 pax) : 6 hrs / RM 160 (included gst); 9 hrs / RM 200 (included gst) ; 12 hrs / RM 220 (included gst)

This is where i stayed. So, i will talk more about this place. The space (aka capsule) is clean and comfortable (I’m petite, that small space is definitely comfort for me). The only complaint is noises. Some people are so not considerate and they make noises (footstep like gorilla or dragging their slipper) in the middle of the night didn’t aware that there are people trying to get some rest in the other capsules. So, if you are sensitive to sound during your sleep then this place is not for you. We can’t control how people act, we can only control our reactions thus i would recommend you to avoid it.

(p/s: they let me kept my luggage at the check-in counter.)

No door, just a drop-down shade.

Amenity bag. Towel need to be return when check-out.

Female Capspace. Card access.

Female washroom just outside Female Capspace.


Info confirmation or more information please visit: 


KLIA Transit Train (KLIA ↔︎ KLIA2 / RM 2 ; 3 mins)

For more information please visit: 

Hopefully this post can help if you are facing the same situation.

Have a lovely weekend.

x Val

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