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Review: NH colla-plus 3

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NH colla-plus has launched a new product – the NH colla-plus 3. I’ve attend their product talk and they give us 1 free set to taste/test it out. *This post is not sponsored/demanded by the company.* As they boldly stated that results can be seen within the first pack, i thought i would test it out and take some before&after photos and share it.

NH Colla Plus 3 Leaflet page 1
NH Colla Plus 3 Leaflet
NH Colla Plus 3 Leaflet page 2
NH Colla Plus 3 Leaflet page 1


NH calla-plus 3 contain ingredients such as Collagen, Tea Polyphenols, Yeast Ceramide and Olive Extract. Their product trainer told us that it contains 4500 mg of collagen. For more information & details, please visit  nhcollaplus.com 

The recommended consumption is  to consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach for day 1 to 6 then one bottle every alternate day on day 7 and onwards. I’ve consumed it daily for 12 days and below are some of the before/after photo. I have extremely dry skin and to show the effect of NH collaboration-plus 3 i am not using any moisturiser during the product testing, however lighting may not be consistent as nature light was used when photos were captured.

Face before NH Colla Plus 3


Face after NH Colla Plus 3


Leg before and after NH Colla Plus 3


Leg before NH Colla Plus 3


Leg after NH Colla Plus 3


The before & after photos does not show much different, not obvious but slightly less flaky i think? That means more moisture & supple right? I also get some good reviews from my friends who consuming it. If you are seeking for beauty drinks, you might give it a try. Let me know if you get good effect after the 12 bottles.

x Val

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