About Me

Hello, I’m Val.

I’m enthusiast of beauty, fashion and crafts (enthusiast doesn’t mean i’m good at it though, sadly). Addict of peony and anything in cooper/ rose gold/ gold/ brass. ohh…and i love marble print a lot.

Here, i jotted down events/things i’ve done… like a diary (not everyday, my life can be quite boring…haha). I may not know what i really want in life, but the only thing that i’m very sure of — I don’t want when i’m old, i flash back my memory and think that i have done nothing in my life. So, to the future Val: If you are reading this, cheers 🍻!

*my blog originally named FlawsPerfect because of the quote “Your Flaws are Perfect for the Heart that is Meant to Love you” @www.flawsperfect.com. However as time goes by, i don’t really feel the connection. So born aVallabel on 27 April 2016.