Shop Smart: Kiehl’s

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1. Try before you buy.

Ask for tester/sample. Their products are pricier than those in drug stores so you don’t want to buy something not suitable for you then regret that you’ve wasted it, it’s better to try out if you have allergic towards the product/ if the product is really suitable for you. Kiehl’s is so confident with their products that one of their selling point is that you get to test it before you buy, they are generous with their samples. So, if you are interested to try out their products, just walk-in and talk to their customer representatives.

2. Join their membership.

After you tried & tested the products and you would like to use their products, you should now plan your purchase. You will automatically become their member if you purchase ≥ RM 250. The benefit of joining their membership? You’ll get RM 100 voucher for every RM 1000 you spend there per annum. Please be aware that the minimum redemption is RM 100 and the points expired in a year.

3. Plan your purchase & get their free travel size product.

If you are their regular, and you are using few of their products. Plan smart. They will offer a travel size product of your choice for free if you purchase ≥ RM 350. Don’t go buying  your sunscreen this week and then your eye cream another week, shop all in one go.

4. Be alert.

If you happened to be using their product & you are loving it. Be sure to follow their social media  Kiehl’s Malaysia Instagram . They occasionally launches Jumbo size product (in limited quantity) which happen to be cheaper.

< Top: Travel size; Middle: Normal size; Bottom: Jumbo size >

5. Recycle & redeem.

Remember, remember, remember… Do not to throw away the empty bottles/ tubes after you finished the products. Return the empties and redeem their travel size products.

I hope you can benefit from this sharing. 😊

Selamat Hari Raya in advance & Happy shopping!

x Val

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