Shopping Experience: Hermo

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Hello Good Morning!

Today I’m going to share with you my shopping experience with Hermo.

Hermo is my favourite beauty products online shop and I highly recommend them. I’ll tell you why.

They have a lot of products that are not available in Malaysia retails. Some of the brands…

(Photo snapped from website)

Now let’s look at the unboxing of my purchase (one of my purchase 😆).

< Products come in a Hermo box… >

< Wrapped with bubble wrap. >

They offer free shipping with purchase of any 2 items, no minimum purchase amount.

< In this case, I do only order 2 items. >

and, their delivery is FAST.

How fast? Here’s two examples of my order information and tracking.

It takes only 3 days from placing my order to getting my purchase.

My recent purchase during their CyberSale period. Just as fast.

Price-wise, I found that their products are at a reasonable price / some are relatively cheaper. Example:

< My past purchase with Hermo. 3CE Slim Eyebrow Pencil / RM 58.30 (included 6% GST) >

< Snapped from Sephora website / RM 112.00 (included 6% GST) >

* This is just an example, it does not mean all products from Hermo is cheaper and this post does not serve any intention to condemn other companies. I use this product and i do some price comparison before i buy. I’ll suggest you to do so.

If you never shop with them and are interest to try-out,

Sign up with the link below to get a RM 15 voucher. 

x Val

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