Shopping Experience: Mizzue

Me and my sis are having our birthday on the same month.

When i was scratching my head thinking what to get for her, i stumble upon this website  Mizzue Malaysia  an online shop for handbag.

So, i ordered 1 for my sis and 1 for me. 😉

I placed my order on 6 April 2016, got the order and payment confirmation. (**They do stated that the order will be shipped within the next 5-14 working days in the confirmation email. Which means i should get my shipment notification latest by 26 April 2016)

Then i got no news from them for 12 working days so i contacted them 22 April 2016 on Instagram. There are no responses on Instagram, so if you try to contact them, don’t try Instagram. Instead, contact them on Facebook messenger. They give prompt reply there (~1 hour). They replied that my order will be shipped by no later than 30 April 2016.

On 25 April 2016 i received an email from them stating that one of my order is facing a supply delay and they are seeking my preference whether to:

  1. wait anyway, process the entire order as soon as supplies are replenished
  2. wait anyway but process any other items first
  3. cancel the item, but process any other items

So, i choose no.2.

Then, i get a reply from them on 26 April 2016 that the item will be replenished by around 2 May 2016 and that if they can send the package at one go. So, i replied: Okay, as long as no further delay than 2 May 2016.

Then, the good news came on 28 April 2016 that my order are ready to be shipped! Hooray!

The experience that i don’t like? it takes so long for the shipping. Despite the chaos, they are responsive and they do apologies for the delay. So, i’ll still rate their service as Good.

On 3 May 2016, i received my parcel.


< Torie Holvey in the color Tan >


< So Sailor in the color Tan >

 Overall, i like the bags they really looks like what they’ve shown in their website.

Like i’ve mentioned, don’t expect a speedy delivery. If you where to buy it as a present, buy it one month in advance. Don’t end up like me, i received them way passed my sis and my own birthday.

Price and Where to purchase ?

Torie Holvey – RM 139 209  Link 

So Sailor – RM 199 279   Link 

*Tips: Their products are on the pricey side so, buy when they have sales and… they always have sales.


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