Travel Log 11.08.2016 #Perth

I Felt:😄           Weather:⛅7-18°C           Traveled:🚗✈



First, breakfast. Dim Sum at Fortune Five Chinese Restaurant.


Then, heading home.

Not sure if it’s because I’m a women or I’m just the type of person that over think.

I can’t remember the last time my mind think about nothing. I’m constantly thinking about… what sewing project i need to start/finish/practice… What content on my blog next week… Why things happen that way… How to squeeze more time to do more…. no ending.

I’m grateful that i decided to go on this trip. It helped me to relaxed and cleared my mind.

Limited internet. No blog. No sewing. Think about nothing.

Sleep. Eat. Shop.

 Thanks S & D for the accommodation and time bringing us around. Thanks C for inviting to join the trip.

x Val

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