Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette

Palette Cover

 Rodeo Belle eyeshadow palette by Zoeva 

The palette contains 10 pans of eyeshadows, 0.05 oz (or 1.5g) each pan. The pigmentations are pretty decent, and the eyeshadow colours are fantastic!


Let’s look at the swatches…



1st row swatches: EARLY SUNRISE – satin beige, RODEO READY – brown with bits of gold glitter,CACTUS FLOWER – matte peach pink, WESTERN DIVA – dark brown with gold glitter, BANG BANG – satin red


2nd row swatches: YEE HAW! – duo chrome (blue/gold), HOT WIND – duo chrome (green/gold), SMOKING GUN – metallic grey, DAY MONEY – matte grey, DEAD SHOT – black with purple pink glitter

♥ Why you should get this?

  1. The variety of colours to try out new looks. This palette comes with lots of colours whether you fancy the romantics pink/red/burgundy looks, smoky eyes looks or bold duo chrome western looks
  2. Affordable price. This is very affordable. If you wanna compare, Urban XXXXX palette cost you ~RM 180.
  3. Long expiry. 36 months after opening!
  4. Paragon free, no mineral oils, fragrance free. What else can we ask for? 

♠ Why you shouldn’t get this?

  1. Hate glitter/metallic? Just want everything matte? There are still lots of palettes out there… pick the one you like!
  2. Not ready as a subject of attention? We’ll get a naked palette, naked make-up are perfect too!

x Val

♦ Price? RM 89.00

♣ Where to purchase? available at  Luxola 

 *Update (May 9,2016): Luxola is now Sephora. Price update RM 134.00

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